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In the past millions of years, organisms have evolved countless traits that allow them to live in diverse and extreme environments. They have now occupied each small niche on Earth, from volcanoes to the polar, from alpines to deep oceans, from rainforests to deserts. It is fascinating to learn from these organisms about their adaptational strategies, as well as underlying physiological and genetic mechanisms. These intricate mechanisms in different species provide a precious treasure for us to explore. Insights gained from them will allow us to foresee how species would evolve in the future and inspire discoveries in many other disciplines.

About myself

  • I am a postdoctoral research associate working with Dr. Henry Chung at the Department of Entomology and the Evolution, Ecology, and Behavior program at Michigan State University.

  • I am a broadly trained invertebrate biologist, specializing in the evolution of invertebrate physiology.

  • I have expertise in analytical chemistry, molecular biology, Drosophila genetics, evolutionary biology, toxicology, experimental design, and statistics.

  • My research uses an integrative approach and multi-disciplinary techniques to investigate the physiological, genetic, and evolutionary mechanisms underlying insect adaptation. 


Professional appointment

Michigan State University

Department of Entomology
Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior program

Postdoctoral Researcher


2022/01 – present

Michigan State University

Department of Entomology
Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior program

Ph.D. dual major in Entomology   &
Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, and Behavior 

2017/08 – 2022/01 

Louisiana State University

Department of Entomology

M.S. in Entomology

2015/01 – 2017/05

Beijing Forestry University

College of Forestry

B.S. in Agriculture

2009/09 – 2013/07

Contact me


Department of Entomology

Michigan State University

Rm. 453 Giltner Hall
293 Farm Lane
East Lansing, MI 48824





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